established 2016

About the Bureau Barber + Shop

Since our inception in 2016, we've proudly stood as the premier collective of talent in Salt Lake City, curating an extraordinary team of barbers. Our barbers, each with 10,000-plus hours, bring flavor, skill, and culture from all over America.


Step into our modern men's barbershop, where the ambiance mirrors our commitment to excellence. 

Our glass and white-walled, plant-filled interiors, complemented by rusted metal ceilings and marble-esk counters, create an inviting space that blends sophistication with a touch of rugged charm.

From flawless fades to the cleanest shaves, we take pride in transforming every visit into a unique experience. 

We're not just a barbershop; we're a home for all things men's grooming. 

The Owner
Devan Pearson

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, with 11 years of professional expertise behind the chair. Devan has worked with actors, musicians, and professional athletes. His passion for the craft extends beyond cutting hair; he’s taught business classes at the American Beauty Academy and converted many clients to the profession as the influence goes beyond the shop. 

His passion for craft extends beyond cutting hair. Devan is an avid golfer with a +1 GHIN. A love for the ocean, music, traveling, art/tattoos, craft food and drinks. He's not just a barber, he's a friend and family man. He loves life. Spends most of his time while not cutting with his best friend Madison and their three sons – Auden (5), Beckham (1), and Bowen (1). 

After a decade of keeping the city fresh, Devan stands as the go-to choice in Salt Lake!

David Broderick

I'm Dave, your seasoned barber with over a decade of expertise. Specializing in classic men's cuts and shaves, I'm not just skilled with the shears but also a people-loving yarnspinner. Outside the barbershop, you'll find me reveling in air travel, motorcycles, enjoying whiskey, cigars, and beach beers. My passions extend to fantasy football, combat sports, and a firm belief that burgers are best with just meat and cheese—no vegi-terribles. I'm all about crafting the perfect cut and creating a laid-back, welcoming atmosphere. Lemme talk to ya.

Mike Jones

Meet Mike Jones, a skilled barber with a passion for the art of hairstyling since 2009. Originally licensed in Idaho, he later embraced the vibrant scene of Salt Lake City. Beyond the barber's chair, Mike finds joy in the thrilling world of motorcycles, savoring delicious cuisine at various restaurants, and cherishing quality moments with his beloved family. His journey blends expertise with a zest for life's diverse experiences.

Kevin Koerber

Kevin Koerber is a talented barber with over 6 years of experience in the industry. He's a skilled beardsmith and known for his expertise in cutting both modern and traditional hair styles, ensuring his clients always leave looking and feeling their best. Need product recommendations? He's got you covered. When he's not behind the chair, Kevin enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids—a little boy and a baby girl. Originally from California, he grew up in Lawrence, Kansas, and proudly supports KU and the Chiefs. In his free time, you can find him hitting the trails on his mountain bike or shredding the slopes on his snowboard. And let's not forget, Kevin is a taco connoisseur and could eat them every day!

Trinidad Duran

Meet Trinidad! A southern California native who’s been with us since summer of 2021. His passion for cutting hair started in high school and continued to grow over the years until he decided to quit his job in 2017 to pursue barbering full time. Whether you want a nice traditional crew cut or a more texture less structure haircut, this is the guy for you.

Chance David

I’ve spent the last 7 years dedicating myself to the craft of barbering. I feel incredibly privileged to have my passion be my means of income and getting to meet the most fascinating people along the way. I’ve trained with some of the most talented barbers in the industry from Toronto, Canada to Lisbon, Portugal honing my skills and curating styles from around the globe and making it accessible here in Salt Lake City.

Sam Anderson

*Record scratch sound* Hi my name is Sam, you’re probably wondering how I got here. Well that’s kind of a long story we can talk about in depth in my chair. Long story short, I’ve been cutting hair since 2016 and graduated from Utah’s Barber School taught by Mr Hite. I was also that “go to guy” who was handy with the clippers back in the military. That’s where I first found my interest in cutting hair while on deployments. I really enjoy working with my hands and love art, drawing, tattoos, motorcycles, skateboarding, film, and photography. I left film school to go into barbering and I haven’t regretted it. I'm grateful for the opportunity it has given me, and the people I've meet along the way.